FANE Colossus 18XB – Sub Bass Driver – Audio Component

Original price was: Rp5.640.000.Current price is: Rp4.512.000.


* 2000 W Program Power.
* 99 dB Sensitivity (1W/1m).
*Great replacement driver for most bass reflex applications.
* Vented chassis and motor design provides efficient thermal management and extremely low power compression.
* High BL factor, 25.9 T/m.
Dual ‘spaced’ suspension system and advanced materials offers ultra-linearity, mechanical stability and superior acoustic performance at high levels of excursion.
* Ribbed, fibre loaded, UK manufactured cone offers increased strength, durability and resistance to deformation under extreme loads.
* Designed for optimum use in 100-250 Litre ported enclosure designs.
* 4-inch Inside/ outside windings copper voice coil.