KORG KAOSS Replay – Dynamic Effect / Sampler



Kaoss Pad Effect  209 types  Effect exclusive for microphone  TONE, DELAY, REVERB  Max. number of projects  100  Trigger pad  16 (supports velocity) × eight banks  Hot cue  Max. 12 (per trigger pad)  Number of simultaneous plays  16  Audio specifications  Linear PCM (48 kHz/16 bits)  Recording functions  Sampling, resampling
* Max. 30 min.
* Max. 100 min.  Audio input  LINE/PHONO IN jack: RCA pin jack (Select LINE or PHONO.)
MIC IN jack: Standard phone jack (φ 6.3 mm, monaural TS)
* Exclusive for Dynamic Microphone
AUX IN jack: Stereo mini jack (φ 3.5 mm)
* Mix directly to LINE OUT.  Audio output  LINE OUT jack: RCA pin jack
HEADPHONES jack: Standard stereo phone jack (φ 6.3 mm)  Controller input  FOOT SW jack: Standard phone jack (φ 6.3 mm, TS)
* Connect the optional PS-1 or PS-3.  USB jack  microB (MIDI, Audio (IN x 2ch, OUT x 34ch (48 kHz/16 bits, You need to  install the KORG KaossReplay Audio Driver in the Windows environment.)  MIDI jack  IN/OUT (DIN 5pin) and the MIDI function are exclusive to the USB jack (IN x 1 port, OUT x 1 port).  External storage  microSD card, microSDHC card (32GB Max)
* Class10 or higher, UHS-I (U1) recommended (However, this does not guarantee operations with all cards.)  Product dimensions  185(W)×284(D)×56(H)mm  Product weight  2.0 kg
* Excluding microSD card and AC adapter.  Power supply  DC 5V/3A or Mobile battery (*)

– In some cases compatibility issues may arise even with 5V 3A output mobile batteries
– It is recommended to use certified 3A compatible cables.
– Avoid using batteries with power-saving functions.  Accessories  Owner’s manual (Quick Start Guide)
AC adapter
USB cable (Type A to microB, 1 m)
microSDHC Card (inserted into the microSD card slot of the main body at time of shipment.)