KORG WAVESTATE Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

Original price was: Rp15.400.000.Current price is: Rp12.320.000.

1. Keyboard 37 keys (velocity and release-velocity sensitive) 2. Sound generating system Wave Sequencing 2.0 3. Maximum Polyphony 64 stereo voices 4. Sounds Ships with over 240 Performances, 740 Programs, and 1,000 Wave Sequences Storage for tens of thousands of user Performances 5. Structure Layer Program, Arpeggiator, Key and Velocity Zones 6. Modulation Controllers Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Vector Joystick X/Y, 8x Program/Performance Mod Knobs Other Sources 3x Envelopes, Vector Envelope, 3x LFOs, 2x Mod Processors, 2x Key Track, Step Sequencer Lane, Step Pulse, Tempo, Program/Performance Note Count, Program/Performance Voice Count, Poly Legato, Velocity, Exponential Velocity, Release Velocity, Gate/Gate+Damper, Note-On Trigger/Note-On Trigger+Damper, Note Number, Aftertouch/Poly Aftertouch (external MIDI only), MIDI CCs +/-, MIDI CCs + Destinations Most parameters can be modulated, including parameters of individual Wave Sequence Steps. Depending on Wave Sequence length, there can be more than 1,000 potential modulation targets per Program. 7. Effects Pre FX Decimator, Graphic EQ, Guitar Amp, Modern Compressor, Parametric EQ, Red Compressor, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Wave Shaper Mod FX Black Chorus/Flanger, Black Phase, CX-3 Vibrato Chorus, EP Chorus, Harmonic Chorus, Modern Chorus, Modern Phaser, Orange Phase, Polysix Ensemble, Small Phase, Talking Modulator, Vintage Chorus, Vintage Flanger, Vintage/Custom Wah, Vox Wah Delay L/C/R Delay, Multiband Mod Delay, Reverse Delay, Stereo/Cross Delay, Tape Echo Reverb Early Reflections, Overb Performance EQ 4-band parametric EQ 8. Inputs/outputs Headphone (6.3 mm stereo phone jack) OUTPUT L/MONO and R (impedance-balanced 6.3 mm TRS phone jacks) DAMPER (6.3 mm phone jack) MIDI IN and OUT connectors USB B port 9. Accessories (sold separately) DS-1H damper pedal, PS-1 pedal switch, PS-3 pedal switch